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Marine Mom Custom Decal Sticker

Marine Mom
Marine Mom
Marine Mom
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$4.37 ea.
NOTE: Black and other dark colors will not show well on glass.
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Marine Mom

Important Note

When making your color choice please be aware that our decals do not have a background or background color at all. These are decals not stickers. Our decals are die cut from vinyl. When applied all you will see is the outline as shown in the images. If the decal will be going on glass you will want to use a bright color like white, yellow or pink. Black and other dark colors will not show up well on glass.


Our decals can be applied to any smooth flat surface including car, truck, van and suv windows.
Our decals can also be used on the body or hoods of automobiles like sports cars, race cars and trucks.
You can even use our decals on your motor home or camper.
Our decals can also be used for wall art. You can apply any of our decals to the walls in your home, office or garage to add whimsical art.
You can also use our decals to personalize your laptop or books. Our decals make great laptop skins.
Other places you could use our decals include - horse trailers, kayaks, boats, vans, motorcycles, ATVs, snowboards, snowmobiles, surfboards, RV's, helmets, glass doors, gun cabinets, mirrors, walls, mailboxes, picture frames, tool boxes, painted wood, aluminum, plastics, fiberglass etc...

Personalized Car Window Decal Stickers

Our custom decals make the perfect accessory for your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, surfboard, horse trailers, car windows, truck windows, walls, mirrors, glass doors, glass tables, gun cabinets, picture frames, mailbox or just about anywhere. Vinyl decal stickers are durable and designed to withstand the weather. Please send your special request to mckei@earthlink.net

Application Instructions

Our decals are very easy to apply.
To apply one of our decals to any smooth flat surface:
For larger decals it is much easier to apply them with the help of a friend.
Clean the surface very well. If it is being applied to glass clean it with rubbing alcohol. If it will be going on a painted surface or wall clean the surface with a mild soap and water mixture.
Hold the decal up to where you want to apply it. Go through the motion just as if you were installing the decal. This will aid in lining up the decal when applying it.
Remove the clear tape from the backing. The decal will adhere to the clear tape as the tape pulls away from the backing. Be very careful not to let the tape or decal stick to itself while removing.
Hold the decal just above where you would like it applied. Gently allow the middle to touch the surface. Then let the edges down gently.
Use a license, credit card, or other flat smooth object to scrape across the tape. Do this to remove any air bubbles and activate the glue. The decals are pressure sensitive so the more pressure you apply the better it will stick.
Gently start at one corner and pull the tape back at a very sharp angle. The tape should pull free of the decal leaving just the decal on the surface.

That's it... you now have installed your new decal.

Please note that it is much easier to apply the decals if the temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

About our Decals

Our decals are die cut from solid 2.8mil vinyl. The vinyl is rated at 5yrs outdoors. Our decals can withstand cold, hot and wet weather with no problem. If you are using the decal inside they will pretty much last as long as you want them. The decals can be removed from any surface but cannot be reused once removed.

USA Heart Tribal Eagle Made In the USA Military Man Kneeling at Cross Troop Kneeling at Cross Pee on Terrorism Eagle with USA banner Eagle Head Proud Army Girlfriend Hibiscus Flowers Large Rome Plow 984th LandClearing Engineers Navy Dad Navy Wife Army Mom Fireman Peeon Fire Semper Fidelis Gadsden Flag Dont Tread On Me Navy Mom Rome Plow Rome Plow Closed In In Memory Of Troops In Loving Memory Of Firefighter Helmet God Bless Our Soldiers Air Force Mom Air Force Dad Air Force Wife Fireman At The Cross Army Dad US Air Force Air Assault Army Wife Military American Heroes Peace Through Superior Firepower Support Our Troops Support Your Troops Big Guns Proud Air Force Stick Family 4 Kids Marine Wife Marine Mom Marine Dad U.S. Air Force Above All Army Girlfriend Army Sister Army Brother Large Detailed Rome Plow Army Dad Proud Marine Girlfriend Hibiscus Flowers Proud Marine Sister Hibiscus Flowers Proud Air Force Girlfriend Hibiscus Flowers Army Dad Diver Go Army Pee on Marines Go Marines Pee On Army Proud Air Force Sister Hibiscus Flowers Proud Air Force Stick Family 3 Kids In loving Memory Troop At Cross Proud Air Force Stick Family 2 Kids Proud Army Sister Hibiscus Flowers Air Force AARON All Gave Some... 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